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Paperless Accounts Payable

IntelliChief makes it easy to manage your paper invoices. You can scan in a single document or capture an entire batch in one go. The process takes just seconds, and only requires a regular scanner.

If you choose to stick to paper-based invoices, the AP process automation takes 15 to 17 days on average. Whereas, the online invoice can be processed within an hour. Unleash your team’s efficiency with AvidXchange’s suite of accounts payable solutions and say goodbye to filing cabinets and lost invoices. There are lots of obvious benefits of utilizing paperless invoice processing.

Instead of printing every document, you use bookkeeping software that generates digital invoices to send to your customers. If you’re still printing bills and mailing them to your customers, you’re likely feeling the frustration that comes from overflowing filing cabinets and a cluttered office. Put simply, businesses still using paper for bookkeeping and accounting systems are wasting time and money. For example, RMK Trucking relied on paper forms to record and deliver freight delivery details. These handwritten documents required administrators to rekey information into Quickbooks, or never made it to their desk due to missing reports – an expensive mistake! Digitizing their forms with GoFormz, RMK Trucking is now saving administrative time and has access to data in real-time. Leveraging the GoFormz – Quickbooks integration, completed invoice forms now trigger Quickbooks to assign estimates and invoices to corresponding customers – automating their operation completely!

Re-type the primary email address where invoices should be sent. Moving from paper to digital processes can improve accuracy, boost staff productivity, and see cash begin to flow more reliably into a business. The pros and cons of using paperless invoicing over the traditional method of paper invoicing. Institute of Finance and Managementfor transitioning to paperless invoice-to-pay.

By integrating with an existing tool, you’re able to run your accounts payable processes your way, instead of having to conform to what the do-it-all software is capable of doing. If data from an invoice doesn’t match its purchase order or receipt, our system lets your Accounts Payable team know. It even highlights the discrepancy for quick resolution, so you know exactly what to contact your supplier about. The transaction is vouchered in your accounting software, and payment is issued in accordance with the supplier’s policies.

Reduce Costs

The question becomes how to make Accounts Payable paperless? The answer is automate your entire P2P process with an advanced, cloud-based AP automation solution like Yooz.

It is crucial to involve front-line staff members in developing the functional requirements. They can provide insight into the types of challenges they face with existing paper-based processes. Generally doing things quickly means compromising the quality of work. Which is the polar opposite scenario with paper-free invoicing. No doubt you can use Google Doc templates and photoshop to create invoices but invoice creation is just one-half of the game.

This workflow is much cheaper, faster, and more convenient than coursing a paper document from file cabinets through snail mail or courier. Electronic files are also much easier to secure, unlike paper documents that are easily misplaced or damaged. We recognized the need for a specialized tool to manage the invoice process with a level of detail and flexibility that didn’t exist at the time, and that’s how Stampli was born. Stampli is a cloud-based software AP Automation software that is designed to help you provide more control over invoice processing and also plays nice with your other financial systems. Most organizations have some form of internal payment controls that require supporting documentation, such as a purchase order that need to accompany an invoice.

The History And Future Of Online Invoicing

In addition to using a checklist, accounts payable teams might also consider drafting an accounts payable invoice processing flowchart to help keep track of their billing and invoice processes. An accounts payable process flow diagram is similar to a flowchart in that it helps companies organize and manage their AP processes. When implementing a paperless invoice system, it is often important to have a vendor invoice processing checklist to ensure that you hit your key targets and goals. Teams can lose track of the different vendors they are managing, and it’s all too easy to forget to pay a certain bill on time. Creating an accounts payable checklist template can help you determine the appropriate steps to take with the payment process, as well as who has been paid and when. Processing invoices for payment doesn’t have to be stressful as long as you keep things organized.

It might take a little adjustment, but the Earth—and your bottom line—will thank you. But what most organizations overlook is that paper invoicing has consequences far beyond just process inefficiencies and higher costs. The environmental impact of invoicing is not often factored into the equation. Watch our 4-minute demo of AvidXchange’s AP automation solutions. We’ll show you step-by-step how our solutions can digitally transform your entire invoice-to-pay process. Enter the primary email address where invoices should be sent, such as PairSoft helps boost the efficiency, transparency, and timeliness of your accounts payable process.

Go Paperless With Electronic Invoicing

After that, the system routes the document for approval to the right recipient or even multiple recipients, depending on what workflow has been set up. With Yooz, team members or managers can view and approve an invoice remotely from a mobile device of their choice.

Avoid postal costs for mailing invoices to your customers, as well as extra storage and document processing expenses. With an increased demand for tools that allow for greater efficiency and security in everyday processes, software and other web-based tools are continuing to simplify traditional business practices.

Paperless Accounts Payable Best Practices

Coding invoices might sound difficult and tedious, and in many cases, it is. This is especially true for larger businesses that regularly manage different types of payments from various different vendors and customers. Set expectations – What will paperless invoice processing actually do for your organization?

Now customers do not need to write a cheque and mail you, which you have to send for clearing and wait for the bank to process. A paperless invoice is a simplest and quickest way to invoice your worldwide clients without leaving your desk. For digitizing the entire invoicing process you need to invest in an all-in-one invoicing automation software such as InvoiceOwl. Certipost is the specialist in secure electronic exchange of documents such as invoices, purchase orders and pay letters between business, governments and costumers. As a consolidator in e-Invoicing and EDI, Certipost belongs to the top 3 companies in the Netherlands with flexible, high quality and tailored solutions.

And that is how you take a paper-based invoice process into the digital age. There are plenty of AP Automation platforms out there that you can use to help you digitize your invoice management process, but one thing that truly sets Stampli apart is our focus on invoices. Many AP Automation platforms are really just outsourced AP solutions or payment companies disguised as AP software. Paperless invoice processing is a streamlined alternative to manual invoice approvals and payments. In many organizations, the Accounts Payable process can take days and involves passing hard copy invoices all over your office, where they can get lost or misplaced. AP automation, on the other hand, lets you make your workflows 100 percent electronic – which makes them much faster and more reliable. Sending paper invoices takes more time than a digital invoicing process, often including many employee hours and resources.

Invoice Processing Software

Through a vendor invoice processing checklist, accounts payable teams could ensure that their suppliers get paid as they specify. Our solutions also let you access your digital documents anywhere. Your team can approve invoices on their mobile devices, even if they’re not in the office. You can even have invoices routed to another processor so that your suppliers aren’t left waiting for payment. Comprehensive security measures keep your transactional documents secure, and instant collaboration keeps your workflow on track. The paperless invoice approval process lets your customer verify the incoming invoices as soon as they are received.

With a paperless invoice approval system like Yooz, you can migrate and save space, time and money by solving all of these pain points in one swoop. Thankfully, the billing and invoicing process doesn’t have to be such a pain. With automated invoice processing software, all of your invoices can be automatically coded, assigned to the appropriate workflow, and routed electronically for approval.

And let’s suppose you need to edit the invoice generated, e-invoices can easily be edited without costing you a penny. If you are not able to decide whether paper-free invoicing is for you or not, listing the pros & cons of paper-free invoicing would help you make the decision. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of paper-free invoicing. I will second what Tom said, and note that Intelligent Data Capture technology can take PDFs and cap… Beanworks’ offering currently integrates with financial software including Dynamics GP, QuickBooks, Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage Intacct, and NetSuite.

Businesses with solid and consistent supplier relationships are likely to have a multitude of business invoices that need to be processed. Rather than take the time to manually scan or print them out, an automated paperless invoicing system can lighten employee responsibilities for accounts payable teams and help streamline the entire process. Plus, software for businesses’ invoice and payment processing can offer certain benefits that printed invoices cannot, helping cut the aforementioned costs. Electronic invoices are superior to traditional paper invoices in many ways. They improve the speed and security of your invoice management process and are much cheaper to use than their paper-based counterparts. To give you a better understanding of the benefits of paperless invoice processing for accounts payable, this blog will discuss the solution and how it compares with using paper documents. Moreover, the best invoice processing software available on the market tends to use OCR technology to reduce manual data entry and errors.

Simply put, the FAP must be used to guarantee the authenticity, integrity and legibility of invoices issued or received. Bank card Equip your teams with virtual and physical cards adapted to each need.

An invoice verification checklist might also inform you of vendors that have yet to be paid. Implementing these simple measures can improve your invoice processing process flow. The approval process can be a massive bottleneck for accounts payable teams. It can be difficult to even find the right person to approve an invoice, much less having to chase them around via email and voicemail to receive it. Adopting a paperless invoice processing system is not as complicated as it might sound. Here is the step-by-step invoice processing guide for businesses to go paper-free. Working with paperless invoices helps you save a lot of time spent creating invoices and get you paid faster.

Easy Data Management

Basware now has introduced a CO2 Dashboard as part of the Basware Analytics KPI. The carbon footprint index is calculated based on the environmental impact of different invoice receiving methods. Companies can follow the development of their own CO2 index over time, as well as benchmark against the average carbon footprint within the Basware community. The dashboard also estimates how many trees or water you’ve saved or could save if you onboard more suppliers to e-invoicing. Companies can also view improvement potential per month. The information provided is correct and accurate, and I am authorized to enroll in Paperless Invoicing. AvidXchange’s software can automate invoice approval based on the company’s rules and workflow restrictions.

Resolving Mismatched Invoices

You’re only as efficient as your electronic filing system. Take time to think about how you intuitively access files.

Reduce Fraud

Fewer manual paper processes, more control over procure-to-pay, less file cabinets taking up space in your office, and no more paper cuts, all the while being green. A paperless accounts payable system frees up your AP team’s time, cabinet space and saves money by eliminating shipping and material costs. Many AP departments don’t realize how paper is weighing them down and causing them to fall way behind their competition. Shedding the paperweight is easy when you transition to e-invoicing to streamline your AP process. EInvoice Connect from Groff Tractor provides customers with a convenient way to view their Invoices online. This service is provided as a convenience to our customers at no additional charge. And because customers won’t need to spend time opening, sorting, filing and shredding paper documents, it will likely save them valuable time and money.

Perhaps most notably, paperless invoices could help businesses to streamline invoice processing. Some may worry that such software could be challenging to learn and navigate. However, invoice payment automation does not necessarily have to completely uproot a business’s existing systems. Instead, with features such as a paperless invoice approval system, businesses and their accounts payable teams can continue to manage the invoice payment process.

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